After 8 Weeks…

Well, our journey to foster is going well. We are definitely being tested though. Getting the room ready has financially strained us, emotionally challenged us, and physically wore us down. We are getting more excited with each week though that we will soon have a huge impact on someone in a very positive way. We have also made some friends in this process.

The classes have been great so far as well. We’ve learned a lot about parenting and ourselves. My wife and I have much to discuss. House rules, kid rules, parent rules, boundaries, schedules, foods, and other decisions that we kind of took for granted in not having any kids.

One thing we spoke of last night was what we were each a little apprehensive about. For me, to be honest (which is always so dangerous), my apprehension stems from a little bit of selfishness. I have no worries about meeting the birth parents, but what I feel like might bug me is the weekly visit of the kids to their parents. I thought…ugh…something else to add to the schedule. But, I’m thinking this isn’t going to be so bad, plus, it’ll get me out of the house. Silver lining people, that’s what I’m about.

Also, we can tell that we’re spiritually being attacked too. The bunk bed we bought came in….with less than half the parts. So that’s on its way back to Amazon. Also, we needed to replace all the sinks in the bathroom. That’s going ok…but there’s been some hiccups that are making it annoying. My car battery died, that’s a fun unexpected expense. Misty’s key fob batteries are dying and her car doesn’t like that at all. Also, did you know that Fire Alarms expire? Yeah, they do every 7 to 10 years. So new ones of those will be on order. But we’ll get through all of this and God’s on our side so I am not worried. 

I enjoy writing and blogging and this will be a great way for me to get back to it. We could use your prayers and thoughts and thank you in advance for those. Till next time. 🙂

You got this…


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