But here…

Well, here’s another post about perspective. We’ve all heard it. Every story has 3 views or every coin has 2 sides. Perspective drives the view of so many things. No need to belabor this point.

I remember last year when I volunteered at the school. I love those children more than I probably should, but I’m wired this way to people will get over it. I love playing with them, listening to their stories, and letting them use me as a jungle gym. But the perspective to some their was that it was weird. I mean, who’s husband just does that? It’s unconformable for some and bystanders might misconstrue what they see and make allegations. I understand some of the hesitation. Because really…how many guys are volunteering to play with kids during their recess and eat lunch with them? Not enough, I’ll tell you that much. But it doesn’t happen a lot and so in our culture it’s odd.

That’s one perspective.

Here’s another. Tonight is week 9 of our foster class. To the agency and a family…me wanting to take in a child (whom I don’t know), play with them, care for them, take them to school, feed and nurture…could be a blessing. My wife and I will soon be taking care of someone else’s child while they get back on track and to the agency and the child, it’s wonderful. But I guess to some this too is weird and not normal.

So…here we are. At one perspective, caring for kids and giving them attention are questionable and weird. But here…wherever I dwell…it will be called love.

Be kind to each other  🙂


Mark 10.13



You know the saying, when one door closes, another door opens. There’s a lot of popular ones like that. Like, when God closes one door he opens a window. Nice little sayings to comfort us when things don’t go our way. And people LOVE doors. They love the symbolism and mystery. Some make art with them, some have Instagram accounts dedicated to them. People were upset when the new owners of the Full House home painted the door to something other than red! But something is happening right now in our life that makes me see doors just a bit differently.

What if sometimes God brings us to a door and gives us the choice to open it or not? What if a lot of so called “closed doors” were for us to make a conscious decision to go through instead of throwing up our arms in defeat. “Well if it were meant to happen it would’ve happened.” Hmm…really?  Sometimes…yeah sure, that’s true. But guess what? Doors can shut…and they can also open. Sometimes I feel though that God wants us to really make that conscious decision to take action (or inaction), and not wait on him to babysit our situation.

We see people confronted with decisions all throughout the Bible. Jesus himself had to make some very tough decisions. In Luke 22.42 he even asks God if there’s another way. He was led to a door and had to choose whether or not to open it. He didn’t want to, but he did.

So next time when faced with a decision to make, ask whether or not it’s a door that we should open. Is it a door that God brought us to, or one we found all on our own. Both are ok. Opening a door has consequences, but so does keeping it closed. Yes, God makes our paths straight and works things for our good, but sometimes…God is simply waiting for us to trust where he’s led us and for us to make the move.

And remember, love each other 🙂